Stay Awkward

image Hello I’m Ella and welcome to my blog. This where I’ll blog about my personal style, food, travel, and basically anything under the sun. Just a reminder, this is my first blog ever so it’s going to be all over the place for sure. Just bear with me please.

Anyway to give you an idea as to why I named my blog “the lanky one” here’s the definition of lanky:

adjective: lanky; comparative adjective: lankier; superlative adjective: lankiest
  1. (of a person) ungracefully thin and tall.
    synonyms: tall and thin, thin, slender, slim, lean, lank, skinny, spindly, scrawny, spare, bony, gangling, gangly, gawky, rangy

    “a lanky cowboy”

So yeah I’m a seventeen year old lanky girl. And I’m awkward so prepare to see some epic  faces.

IMG_4297-the lanky one


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