Fur Season


The rainy season is officially here- time to hide those skins and show some fur. It’s time to ditch those bikinis for raincoats, those slippers for boots, and those fans for umbrellas. It’s fur season bitches. Yup, summer has truly left the area along with its humid climate. Which means little-to-no clothing is sooo last season. Pun intended. Sweater-weather is in.

imageimageFinally, wearing faux fur sweaters would be “socially acceptable” now. All thanks to the wet climate. Fur aficionados can now walk the streets without getting weird glances from strangers or sweating like pigs under the gleaming sun. Sweaters can now be worn without disregarding both comfort and style. It’s fur heaven.

In the Philippines, the weather can be really unpredictable. One minute the sun would be shining brightly and the next, rain would start pouring. So to keep up with the erratic weather, wearing my faux fur sweater with a cute pair of skirt partnered with my good ol’ pair of white chucks would suffice. This is what I consider chic and comfy. It can keep my body from the cold weather without going overboard. Yes, it’s cold but not as cold as winter. Besides, the hint of skin is actually nice in case the sun decided to show- I wouldn’t be too warm. I guess my rainy season outfit would always include me wearing sweaters, skirts, and sneakers. It’s sort of like a rainy season uniform.

What’s your rainy season outfit?

Thanks for stopping by!

IMG_4297-Stay Awkward


6 thoughts on “Fur Season

  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING, ELLA!!! As I was reading this, this is my reaction to cold weather, it’s sweater weather time!!! Yes, this is my favorite season because you don’t look overdressed wearing boots or coat. Ah! We’re like cold weather siblings haha for me, a rainy season is full of sweaters, coat, scarf, boots, skirt/dress. Super love your photos!

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