Sartorial Lust: Motorcycle Jacket

I am lusting me some motorcycle jacket. I just think that it’s so versatile-you can partner it with almost any type of clothing. At times where I don’t know what to wear, it makes me wish I have a motorcycle jacket somewhere in my closet which I unknowingly bought, somehow. It can give a simple outfit that edge that it deserves. Just place it over a plain shirt and viola you’re good to go.

imageI started thinking of motorcycle jackets when I was thinking of what to wear to my brother’s poem recital contest. Little did I know that Bonifacio would be the reason for my motorcycle jacket cravings. Weird. Anyway I instantly thought that I’d wear my plain beige v neck shirt with black skinny jeans but then there was nothing that can give my outfit that oomph factor that I wanted. And I instantly thought how cool would be if I wore a motorcycle jacket-it was definitely the missing piece to my outfit dilemma. Problem is I don’t own one.

Rouge absolute signature Valentino Garavani
Rouge absolute signature Valentino Garavani

And who says motorcycle jackets are only for punks and motorcycle riders? Here are 10 ways on how I would wear a motorcycle jacket-if I have one (and if I have lots of clothes):










a7 So now, ghosts of motorcycle jackets are hunting me. It’s like everywhere I look I seem to see motorcycle jackets- be it from movies, television shows or pictures. One things certain, a motorcycle jacket is a must-have for me

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IMG_4297-Stay Awkward


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