From the sleepless nights to the stressful deadlines, a pause is exactly what I need-a long one at that. I seriously need to catch my breath because the stress is suffocating me. Now I know why our building is called zombie land- the students all look like zombies from the lack of sleep. Which is why I was so relieved to know that we were going on a trip last Saturday. It was the much needed break I’ve been seeking for. No plates and deadlines to think about, just pure fun. You know what they say: ignorance is a bliss. One stress-free day was all I needed to to be able to conquer the upcoming zombie invasion coming my way.

Of course, I can’t go out there looking like a zombie apocalypse survivor, can I? So for this trip I decided to wear a black lace dress from H&M and a straw fedora hat that I stole from my dad. In my defense, my dad doesn’t use it anyway. The dress and the hat really complimented each other. At first, I thought that there was something missing from my outfit but then I wore the hat and boom, I have my outfit. The hat really gave my outfit the tourist-y vibe I wanted.


IMG_8343 IMG_8342 IMG_8345 IMG_8337 IMG_8335 IMG_8338 IMG_8346 IMG_8330 IMG_8328 IMG_8327 IMG_8326 IMG_8350 IMG_8348 IMG_8333 IMG_8332 IMG_8331 IMG_8323

Thanks for stopping by!

IMG_4297-Stay Awkward


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