En Route


The first half of the school year has finally come to an end. And what better way to celebrate the school break than bonding with friends and a little (or maybe a lot) shopping therapy. Not to sound defensive but I find shopping really therapeutic-calms my nerves and all that.

So to kick off the Christmas break, my college friends and I decided to go to Maginhawa! Hard to believe that I have never eaten in Maginhawa before even though I’m only a jeepney ride away. But no point crying over spilled milk because now I got to experience Maginhawa myself.

Our first destination was a bazaar happening at the barangay’s basketball court. I got some good finds there mind you. Next stop was where we will eat. Looking for a place to eat has always been a problem for us and its exactly what happened to us at Maginhawa. Since it was all our first time there we had no idea where to eat until my friend suggested Gerry’s Jeepney. I only heard her say Gerry’s which is why I laughed at her and made a very corny joke which I will not say anymore. I suggested a restaurant wherein you’ll eat in a makeshift jeepney but I didn’t know the name of the place. I totally misjudged the distance and we ended up taking a very long walk (sorry guys). When we got there I realize that we were talking about the same place.Oops.
Here are some of the photos we took of our adventure at Maginhawa courtesy of my friends (crappy phone). Though I wouldnt call it an adventure because we only got to eat at Gerry’s Jeepney. Damn rain.



Kudos to kuya for taking good photos






Weirdo alert


12431410_10204219886732012_1168164577_n.jpgKudos to the kuya who served us for taking good pics.

Photo Credits: Ghynella, Legrand, & Nini

Thanks for stopping by!


-Stay Awkward


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