Random Thoughts Collection: Coldplay or Gordon Ramsey


Since school break is about to end in a week, I am currently tv binging as part of my whole Christmas/semestral break experience. This left me torn between watching a bunch of monkeys dance to Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime music video or watching Gordon Ramsey cook delicious treats that are surely to give you foodgasm. Kind of ironic how I love to watch music televisions and cooking shows when I am absolutely terrible at both tasks. I can’t cook to save my life and I’m not even close to be considered a modest singer. I can’t sing- simple as that. I once tried enrolling in singing lessons but it didn’t turned out good. I can’t reach the notes that my teacher said are so easy to reach. I guess you can say I’m a lost cause.

I just realize that I only have less than a week before I’m back to school a.k.a. zombieland and all I have done throughout the whole break is sleep, eat, repeat-and watch. I haven’t done anything interesting aside from getting my student driving permit but that doesn’t even count because I wouldn’t be able to get my real license unless I enroll in a driving school. Ugh. I’m so not ready to wake up early in the morning to attend a class that is until seven in the evening. I’ve been so used to staying awake all night and sleeping until noon. I don’t think my body can take any sleepless nights anymore. AND I just started drinking milk again. I sooo don’t want to go back to drinking coffee 20 times a day. I’m trying to gain some height here not add any more weight to my eye bags or more like eye luggage. All I’ve done in my break is sleep and my eye bags didn’t even shrink a tiny bit.

I’m really hoping that luck would be on my side this year. Fingers crossed- toes included. I barely made it alive last semester and you can say I’m a little traumatize. The stress we went through was unexplainable. I thought choosing Interior Design as a course would be easy, boy was I wrong. It’s not enough to just like designing houses, passion and perseverance is your key to success. You must really learn to sacrifice your time if you want to have world class plates. At first, I was very relaxed because I thought that it was just all about drawing but it’s not. Well yeah, a lot of drawing is included but I was so not prepared to how many and how long it takes to finish a plate. You spend your weekends doing plates which are still not enough time by the way especially if you’re a crammer like me. In less than a week, my eat-sleep-repeat routine will be replaced with coffee-plates-repeat but for now; I’m going to enjoy myself some good ol’ tv.

Thanks for stopping by!


-Stay Awkward




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