Squadventures: Barkin Blends Dog Cafe


1466597852121ver since I discovered the existence of a dog cafe in Quezon City, I have been dreaming of going there but never really got to do it- until now.

Last April 7 was the birthday of one of my college friends and so the rest of the squad and I decided to surprise her by taking her to Barkin Blends Dog Cafe. The plan was to tell her to bring extra clothes-since it was a school day and we were wearing uniforms- because we will taking somewhere but she will not know where until we arrive. That WAS the plan but before we even left the campus, one of my friends accidentally blurt out the place (face palm). The essence of our “surprise” might have been ruined but it doesn’t mean we will have less of a fun time at Barkin Blends.

Barkin Blends is located at 91 Rosa Alvero St., Loyola heights, Quezon City, Philippines. If you see the Mcdonalds along Katipunan, it means your in the right place- Barkin Blends is at the same street as McDonald’s. It is in the building beside Shakey’s which just in front of McDonald’s.

For more information about Barkin Blends be sure to visit their website

When we arrived, it was kind of awkward because we didn’t know what to do-there were so many people in the cafe aka the “humans only zone”. It was only thursday, imagine how many people would be waiting in line during the weekends. The entrance to the dog zone is Php 190.00 which is inclusive of one free drink. We decided to just order drinks because we thought that we can already go to the dog zone (the dog zone and cafe are separated by the way, so don’t worry about finding dog hairs in your food or drinks) but turns out there was a waiting list. We arrived at around 4:00 in the afternoon and our slot in the dog zone was scheduled at 5:45 pm. Becuase of that we just decided to kill time by ,well, eating. So for those who are planning to go to Barkin Blends be prepared to wait especially if there are a lot of customers.

When it was finally our time to go to the dog zone, I could not contain my excitement. Just seeing those cute little doggies (not really little, some where taller than me when I’m sitting down) running out and about in the dog zone got me really excited especially when I saw the Golden Retrievers- I was in dog heaven. I love love love dogs, I always wanted to have one but my mom doesn’t so being in Barkin Blends is like achieving my dream for two hours (each customer is given the limit of two hours in the dog zone).

All the commuting and the walking under the scorching sun and the waiting in line was worth it- it was definitely worth the wait.


the Barkin Buddies


so cuteeee



Martha the Irish Setter and Enrique the Miniature Schauzer


Finn and Robin


The birthday girl with Piolo


with Bonnie the poodle


Fiona the Chinese Shar-pei


the dog zone


Here’s a little video diary I made of our visit to Barkin Blends Dog Cafe:


-Stay Awkward


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