Weekend Haul: Nudes & Sunnies


After weeks of suffering from shopping blue balls, I finally satisfied my cravings with these chic and classy finds. I can just imagine my shopaholic alter ego sitting on her throne of shopping bags or maybe just two. This weekend haul only consists of two things: my first NYX soft matte lip cream and a pair of sunglasses from Sunnies.

1467649543493If there’s one thing that I can splurge on to the point of bankruptcy, it’s makeup. I have been eyeing NYX matte lip creams for a while now-I blame those damn YouTube makeup tutorials- and have wanted to buy one since then. Their matte lip cream shades are just so beautiful and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it from makeup vloggers. NYX Cosmetics, for me, is the home of the best matte lip creams. I haven’t tried Kylie Jenner’s lip kits but I think that these are more worth it- maybe even better.


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I originally planned on buying one at Zalora but they don’t have the shades that I want. We don’t often go out so I have to wait for almost a week to finally have the chance to buy one. And I must say, the wait was worth it.

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The reviews that I got about it do not do justice to the actual. I keep hearing vloggers say that they really like the formulation but I have no idea what in the world they are talking about; all I can say though is that you’ll really like the feel of it on your lips. What I’m saying is that unlike other matte lip creams, it doesn’t feel heavy and 1467658300752sticky to wear- you’ll barely feel it there. It does dry out your lips little- but what matte lip cream doesn’t? Don’t even get me started on the shades. I am in love with all of the soft matte lip cream shades, especially the nude ones. I was going to buy Abu Dhabi but then the sales lady said it was out of stock (it’s one of the best sellers) so I decided to buy London instead which is closely similar to Abu Dhabi. Though I heard that some of the lighter nudes aren’t really that pigmented- you have to build it up to see the desired effect, I have no complaints. And compared to other matte lip creams, the NYX soft matte lip creams are more affordable- only Php 390. I think that’s quite cheap for a 0.27 Fl. oz/ 8 m lip cream-guarantee your money’s worth. So far, I have no regrets in buying it and hopefully more matte lip creams to come.

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The second item I bought is the Suki sunglasses from Sunnies. I can’t deny that Sunnies have some pretty chic designs but I never thought of buying one because the pricing is a little expensive for me. I may like shopping but I’m also a major scrooge- I don’t like buying things that I think are too expensive for their worth. Besides I don’t really wear sunglasses that much- it’s just a waste of money. I wasn’t really interested in buying sunglasses any time soon especially with the rainy season coming until a friend of mine told me that there was a major sale in Sunnies- you can buy ANY pair (I swear any pair) for Php 399 and get another pair for free. And as a certified sucker for sales, who am I to miss the opportunity?

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I only got one pair because my friend and I shared the purchase. I would’ve bought more but I was kind of in a hurry and I wouldn’t be able to buy anymore because it was the last day of the sale- kind of regret not taking advantage of the situation. And before you go on whining about how I only blogged about this now that the sale has ended, hold your horses because Sunnies extended the sale until July 11. YEY! Will definitely buy more pairs.

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Visit Sunnies’ official Instagram page to see the branch closest to you.


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Thanks for stopping by!


-Stay Awkward


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