Wasted Youth


What do you do when you have to rid your face with makeup but you’re torn into keeping it on for just a little while because for once in your life your makeup is finally cooperating with you? Switch into full on Margaret Zhang mode, of course.

Somehow, I found myself alone again in my room with only my tripod and camera as companions. I didn’t intend to have this shoot at all. I was just practicing putting on my makeup and experimenting with different hairstyles-nothing special. It was just a lucky case of trial and error. I didn’t thought that I’d come to like the results of my little experiment and suddenly felt remorse for the makeup and time I wasted. Since I have nothing better to do, I decided to have a small independent photo shoot in my newly cleaned bedroom.

I also found myself obsessed with editing photos-whether it’s a simple filter edit or a full on quirky edit complete with overlays and lots of cropping. I decided to go with some sort of grungy theme because I thought that the photos give a gothic kind of vibe due to the hairstyle and choice of wardrobe, I guess, hence the dark-ish, effortless edit. Kudos to my longtime friend, picsart, for being a loyal editing buddy-Photoshop’s too complicated for me.


Thanks for stopping by!


-Stay Awkward


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