Think Pink


I promised myself I wouldn’t buy clothes that is higher than my “reasonable price mark” which is Php1000. I consider it over-spending if I ever go beyond it but the past week has been especially stressful that I can’t help indulge a little bit.


When I saw this dress hanging from the rack, my first thought was that “I must have this!”. It has everything I can ask for in a IMG_6558dress-it’s pink and flowy and pretty- but I sort of got disappointed when I saw the price. The plan was to only try it on and leave before I can even think of buying it but, come on, it’s me we’re talking about here. I absolutely have no willpower when it comes to shopping. And as I said, I had a really stressful couple of weeks that I just can’t resist having a little retail therapy.


I was also thinking of adding some color to my very neutral wardrobe and this would be a great starter. It’s like a breath of fresh air from the monochromatic clothes that I usually wear. It’s playful and chic and you can wear it anywhere- the mall, the beach, a party, to mass. The color is so pretty and feminine and it feels light to wear. One downside, though, is that the fabric is really sheer so I suggest wearing boy leg underneath or a half slip skirt if you’re really conservative.
So in the end, my willpower totally crumbled and I ended up buying the dress. There’s no such thing as “just trying on a dress” I’m telling you. You’ll always end up buying it, well, for me anyway. I might have overspent a little bit but I have no regrets. I got to buy a super cute dress, did some “cardio”, and I got rid some of the stress that the week has brought.


Dress: H&M

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-Stay Awkward



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