some people were born artists while some were inspired to become one (maybe from watching art attack)

This is my personal study on how to render gems. It’s still has a lot of rough edges and still needs a lot of polishing (pun intended) but that’s what this study is for.

Doing this study made me realize a lot of things. That it is not enough that you are passionate or good at something. There will always be room for improvements.

Coming into college, I was very confident that I would breeze through it without a hitch since I love to draw and I love a good interior. But during my first year, I realized that there were a lot of talented people out there- way more talented than me- and that I was screwed.

I’m already in my third year in college and my past years in Beato (name of our college’s building) where full of self doubt. “Do I even belong here?” “What am I doing here?” “Will I ever be successful in this business?” “Will I ever be talented enough?” “What will happen to me?” were thoughts that often bombarded my mind. But now I’ve realized that the reason that I’m thinking this way is that I planted in my mind that I’m already good, that I don’t need to improve anymore, that inspirations and ideas and the talent will just come naturally to me. I was in denial that I was not born good at drawing or designing; that I have to really work hard to be successful. Just because you love to draw or sing or dance doesn’t mean you’re are good at it. Harsh but it’s the truth.

I’ve come to the realization that some people were born artists while some were inspired to become one (maybe from watching art attack).  I’ve now accepted that I’m part of the latter. And I’m okay with it.

-The Lanky One


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