FUD 2: Mangga Chair


My prelim project for my Furniture Design 2 class.

We were asked to do a scale model the chair that we designed in our previous FUD class. Out of all the chairs that I designed, I chose this particular chair because, aside from it has the highest score, I felt that I really put an effort in the design. 17392992_1543559225657197_56635634_n

It might look simple but I guess that’s what I was going for. I wanted a modern minimalist design that will accentuate the characteristics of a mango.


The process of making a scale model was not easy. I went through a lot of trials and errors in making this chair. I’ve also encountered a lot of problems due to the time limit. Fortunately, I overcame all of it.

I altered the original design a little bit to fit with the requirements of FUD2. We were tasked to change our design according to the design trends of 2017.  Matte and gold finishes, faux fur, and royal tones were the trends I decided to go with.

So before I could start my scale model, I should first scout the materials that I will need. So I went to Kamuning Market to buy the fabrics that I will use. You could also buy fabrics at Divisoria for cheaper prices, though it’s much more conducive in Kamuning Market. And the prices aren’t that expensive too.


At first, I thought that the frame of my chair would be the most problematic part but I was wrong. It was actually the cushion that was the hardest parts. I had trouble cutting and shaping the sponges into my desired shape especially since the cushion has curved parts. I spent about half an hour staring at the sponge wondering what I would do. In the end, I decided to cut in layers like that of a cake. Which turned out okay.


I also had trouble sewing the cover of my chair. This was where I had a lot of trial and errors. Because my chair has curved parts, I had trouble sewing the covers seamlessly.  I even bought a sewing machine, which was a tad over the top, I know, but I was seriously having a hard time sewing.


Assembling the frame was also a problem. I was supposed to solder the frame but I found out that it won’t work in stainless steels. So with less than a week until submission, I had to find a welding shop that’s willing to work on my frame. Good thing that I came across a very kind welder who helped me and a blockmate of mine. He didn’t even asked us to pay a lot. He was considerate to us because he knew we were only students.

In the original design, the stainless steel frame was just that, a stainless steel frame- no finishes- nothing special. Which is why I decided to change it to a matte black powder-coat finish with matte gold powder-coat finish at the legs to add character and to go with the design trends.

Overall, I loved the outcome of the updated version of my chair although I must admit that it still needs improvements especially with the weak points in my chair particularly its durability and resilience. Also I have to make sure that my chair won’t fall down on the person seating on it.

You see furniture design isn’t just about aesthetics and beauty, you must also think about ergonomics, durability, comfort, and the process of how you’re going to build your chair.



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