be strong when you are weak, brave when you are afraid, and humble when you are victorious…

A few days ago I turned nineteen and I still can’t believe how time flies by so fast. I can still remember twelve year old me sitting in class, not listening to the teacher, and imagining myself teleporting in college with just a blink of an eye. Boy, was that accurate af because that is exactly what I feel- like I just closed my eyes for a second and suddenly find myself in college facing challenges I don’t think I can handle. It’s overwhelming how days, weeks, go by so fast. I can’t believe I’m already 19 then I’ll be 20 in a year and next thing you know I’ll be in my thirties thinking about what I should and should’ve done in my youth. I’m already on the evening of my teenage life and soon I will officially be stepping into the grown up world and it scares me because I don’t feel anything but.

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Captured: Kat Co


FROM MINI REUNION TO A SMALL PHOTOSHOOT REAL QUICK-last Saturday my highschool friends, whom I have not met in sooo long, and I decided to meet and have lunch together. Prior to the said get together, my friend , Kat, who’s also a blogger, and I decided to segue to a little collaboration after our lunch with friends. Continue reading “Captured: Kat Co”

Weekend Haul: Nudes & Sunnies


After weeks of suffering from shopping blue balls, I finally satisfied my cravings with these chic and classy finds. I can just imagine my shopaholic alter ego sitting on her throne of shopping bags or maybe just two. This weekend haul only consists of two things: my first NYX soft matte lip cream and a pair of sunglasses from Sunnies. Continue reading “Weekend Haul: Nudes & Sunnies”

Random Thoughts Collection: Coldplay or Gordon Ramsey


Since school break is about to end in a week, I am currently tv binging as part of my whole Christmas/semestral break experience. This left me torn between watching a bunch of monkeys dance to Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime music video or watching Gordon Ramsey cook delicious treats that are surely to give you foodgasm. Continue reading “Random Thoughts Collection: Coldplay or Gordon Ramsey”