Calm Before the Storm


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I Woke Up Like This

Last Sunday, August 30,2015,  I found myself waking up at 9:00 in the morning just to be able to go with my parents to the Sunday flea market. I never got the chance to come to the flea market before because I’m usually still asleep whenever my parents would go there. The  flea market is open until 12 noon every Sunday and I don’t  usually wake up until noon during weekends.

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Bon Appétit: Casa Verde

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetSleep, eat, surf the net, repeat. That’s basically what my summer looks like. It may not seem productive for other people but it is for me. I get the good amount of sleep (too much actually) that I don’t get during school days. And I can surf the net for however long I want which means I can blog whenever I want. But that’s all going to be ripped away from me because in less than two weeks I’m once again going be in my full on zombie mode. That’s right, I’m back to my usual school days which consist of plates, iced coffees, sleepless nights and more plates.

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Stay Awkward

image Hello I’m Ella and welcome to my blog. This where I’ll blog about my personal style, food, travel, and basically anything under the sun. Just a reminder, this is my first blog ever so it’s going to be all over the place for sure. Just bear with me please.

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