be strong when you are weak, brave when you are afraid, and humble when you are victorious…

A few days ago I turned nineteen and I still can’t believe how time flies by so fast. I can still remember twelve year old me sitting in class, not listening to the teacher, and imagining myself teleporting in college with just a blink of an eye. Boy, was that accurate af because that is exactly what I feel- like I just closed my eyes for a second and suddenly find myself in college facing challenges I don’t think I can handle. It’s overwhelming how days, weeks, go by so fast. I can’t believe I’m already 19 then I’ll be 20 in a year and next thing you know I’ll be in my thirties thinking about what I should and should’ve done in my youth. I’m already on the evening of my teenage life and soon I will officially be stepping into the grown up world and it scares me because I don’t feel anything but.

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Wasted Youth


What do you do when you have to rid your face with makeup but you’re torn into keeping it on for just a little while because for once in your life your makeup is finally cooperating with you? Switch into full on Margaret Zhang mode, of course. Continue reading “Wasted Youth”

Random Thoughts Collection: Coldplay or Gordon Ramsey


Since school break is about to end in a week, I am currently tv binging as part of my whole Christmas/semestral break experience. This left me torn between watching a bunch of monkeys dance to Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime music video or watching Gordon Ramsey cook delicious treats that are surely to give you foodgasm. Continue reading “Random Thoughts Collection: Coldplay or Gordon Ramsey”

Me, Myself, and a Pineapple






From my very first blog post to my more recent ones,  I always have my sister’s assistance in taking my photos but upon discovering the ever talented Margaret Zhang I was inspired to do a shoot of my own. Yup, I’m flying solo on this one. Presenting me, myself, and a pineapple. Continue reading “Me, Myself, and a Pineapple”


From the sleepless nights to the stressful deadlines, a pause is exactly what I need-a long one at that. I seriously need to catch my breath because the stress is suffocating me. Now I know why our building is called zombie land- the students all look like zombies from the lack of sleep. Which is why I was so relieved to know that we were going on a trip last Saturday. It was the much needed break I’ve been seeking for. No plates and deadlines to think about, just pure fun. You know what they say: ignorance is a bliss. One stress-free day was all I needed to to be able to conquer the upcoming zombie invasion coming my way.

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I Woke Up Like This

Last Sunday, August 30,2015,  I found myself waking up at 9:00 in the morning just to be able to go with my parents to the Sunday flea market. I never got the chance to come to the flea market before because I’m usually still asleep whenever my parents would go there. The  flea market is open until 12 noon every Sunday and I don’t  usually wake up until noon during weekends.

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Little Black Dress

UntitledDress: H&M | Drawstring: Kultura | Shoes: Converse

A little black dress is a definite must have. For me, every girl should have at least one little black dress in her closet because you can never go wrong with it. You can partner it with almost every color and pattern since black goes with everything. With the LBD the possibilities are endless. You can create different looks with it.

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