Captured: Kat Co


FROM MINI REUNION TO A SMALL PHOTOSHOOT REAL QUICK-last Saturday my highschool friends, whom I have not met in sooo long, and I decided to meet and have lunch together. Prior to the said get together, my friend , Kat, who’s also a blogger, and I decided to segue to a little collaboration after our lunch with friends. Continue reading “Captured: Kat Co”


Wasted Youth


What do you do when you have to rid your face with makeup but you’re torn into keeping it on for just a little while because for once in your life your makeup is finally cooperating with you? Switch into full on Margaret Zhang mode, of course. Continue reading “Wasted Youth”

Me, Myself, and a Pineapple






From my very first blog post to my more recent ones,  I always have my sister’s assistance in taking my photos but upon discovering the ever talented Margaret Zhang I was inspired to do a shoot of my own. Yup, I’m flying solo on this one. Presenting me, myself, and a pineapple. Continue reading “Me, Myself, and a Pineapple”